Nossa Senhora da Assunção, Querença

Nice old church of the hamlet of Querença north of Loulé

The little church is situated on hilltop of the hamlet of Querença in the Serra da Caldeirão north of Loulé. It has been built between 1520 and 1530 and replaced a simple chapel at the same place, from which the entrance portal was preserved. Soon after the church became the seat of the parish of Querença. The retable from 1540 reflects the style of the early renaissance - the nave bay depicts the namesake Nossa Senhora da Assunção. The baptismal font, built before 1534, is an interesting sample of the Manueline style. During the terrible earthquake of 1755 the nave was damaged and several years later, when the church was restored the actual belfry was built.

If you want to visit the interior, please contact the museum opposite the church.

Largo da Igreja
8100 Querença


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